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Among assignments that demand total concentration from students are reaction essays. These assignments require one to read a text such as a book or an article, or watch a play or a movie and ‘react’ to it. This means that in-depth analysis and critique of the entire piece is required, and not just a summary as many students often end up producing when it comes to these assignments. You must scratch beyond the surface and evaluate what the author’s primary objective when writing the piece was, how that purpose was delivered, strengths or weaknesses inherent in the piece presented, and how these are connected to the overall class unit or themes covered in the course material.

Because of how immersive these papers are, and how much time is needed to completely synthesize all the material and information within the literary material being analyzed, students are bound to struggle with creating stellar papers. The situation is worse where more than a single literary piece is required to be analyzed. Connecting ideas from two or more different authors isn’t an easy task. With a professional writer such as what we provide, however, the task becomes seamless, and you can spend more time do what you actually love doing.

How to Start a Reaction Paper | Expert Tips and Tricks

A reaction paper needs you to critically analyze the entire text, which means that you should give your own evaluation of the author’s ideas. You may agree or disagree with certain elements or ideas presented. There’s never a right or wrong reaction. However, any critique that you produce should be backed up by evidence from the text that you have read. The essay prompt will tell you exactly what kind of reaction your professor is looking for. Check the guide words on the prompt such as “evaluate”, “describe”, “explain”, etc. to know what reaction is expected of you. The assignment may be limited to certain themes that have been taught in class, for example, in Othello, you may be asked to give your reaction on the theme of feminism, in which case you will be concentrating your efforts on that specific theme. Other assignments may be open-ended and may require you to give a general reaction on the entire piece.

You need to closely read and probably re-read the entire text as you make notes and annotate any major ideas and reactions as you go along. Once you have compiled enough material on the prompt, you can start creating your draft or a reaction paper outline. You may decide to challenge or support an idea by the author or offer a different opinion on the subject. Regardless of what you decide, you should be guided by a coherent thesis which you can factually support by evidence from the text itself which can easily be referenced. The reaction paper format is typical of regular essays. An introduction introduces the text you’re analyzing, the author and what the focus of your reaction will be. The thesis statement is usually the last sentence in the introduction. The main body comprises the arguments you present and the evidence that back them up, divided into paragraphs either by theme or by order of their importance. A topic sentence usually introduces each of these paragraphs. The conclusion wraps everything up, reiterating your thesis and summarizing your main points. If you need to present a personal opinion, this is probably the best place to do it.

There are no specific types of reaction paper, but the prompt can take on the shape of different essay types such as argumentative, exploratory, descriptive, etc. Whatever the case, the method presented above should suffice for any type of prompt, and the structure should more or less be the same due to the short length of these papers.

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