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While completing a paper is probably the essential task, a student needs one final task before submitting their paper for grading. This is the proofreading. Scanning the paper for errors you might have made is an essential step to being assured that your work is ready for submission.

However, students are not always in a position to conduct proofreading on their papers, and that’s why some result in seeking online proofreading services. We offer this type of help, but first, why do leaners need help proofreading?

Why Seek Assistance from an Essay Proofreader?

Different situations will make students decide on acquiring online proofreading assistance. We have identified the most common ones. For example, a student will not be in a position to proofread their essay if they have a lot of other academic tasks to complete. Since proofreading demands some time from a writer, one will have delegate this task to a professional to create time for other essential tasks.

Secondly, students seek assistance with proofreading when they have much work to proofread. If a student has been assigned several essays, and they have managed to complete this task, they are probably weary mentally. Thus they are better off having a proofreader online go through the work to improve on its quality.

Sometimes it is a matter of the importance of the paper. Students have to work on some high profile papers that require special attention. There are papers that one cannot afford to submit poor quality.

A good example is a personal essay students write when they are applying for a place in a learning institution. This is where one is required to submit their best work. Any common errors would work against a person in this situation. Thus, a writer in this position is better off having their paper proofread online before turning it in to better their chances of getting in.

Some feel “I need someone to proofread my paper,” just for the sake of getting a second opinion on their paper. These students understand that since they are the authors of these essays, they are likely to be biased when they go through the paper themselves.

They might even miss some errors along the way. Thus one will decide to hire a paper proofreader who will confirm the paper is good and who will help with suggestions for improving it even further.

Next, we also have a student who is struggling with the language. This problem is common for students who have adopted the English language (ESL) students. Normally such a student is likely to submit a poorly written paper because of their problems. This might, in turn, result in a poor score. Thus, one might feel “I need someone to proofread my essay” in order to protect their grades. A proofreader will help correct their errors and even provide a learning experience for the student.

The Best Approach for Proofreading

When a collegian acquires proofreading services online, the following are considered:

  • Spelling errors;
  • Punctuation mistakes;
  • Grammatical errors;
  • Formatting problems;
  • Inconsistencies in the writing.

A proofreading software will analyze all of the above and provide some of the appropriate suggestions for the papers. All the main errors will be highlighted so that the student will easily fix them. We offer free proofreading for students. Our service is quite simple and straight forward for students since they only have to follow four steps.

How to Use Our Online Proofreader

First one needs to drop the document that you need proofread into the box provided. From there, press the proofread button so that the scanning will be done by our software. Once it is done, you will receive a proofreading report on your paper that contains all the mistakes that you have to correct, along with some suggestions on how to improve your document.

Some of the benefits of acquiring our free online proofreading include:


Not many services can guarantee clients protection and security of their information. But we manage it. All our clients can acquire our proofreading assistance with confidence, knowing their work is safe. There is no need to worry about any sensitive work getting into the wrong hands. We make use of advanced security standards to guarantee this safety.

No Login Required

Any student in our proofreading website realizes that the use of this software is very simple, and clients are not required to sign up with us to use it. Hence, you will save even more time.

Available Full Time

Our service makes it possible for clients to have their papers proofread at any time they need the service. There is no time out with our software. It runs 24 hours a day daily. So, it does not matter when you need your task proofread.

Unlimited Proofreading Online

When acquiring our proofreading service, clients are allowed to have their papers proofread as many as they want and as many times as they want. This means, whether you have one essay to submit or even a bunch of essays for your class, you will be able to confirm the quality of each.

The Results are Immediate

Our free proofreader works fast in identifying all the mistakes that might have been made by the student when writing. The scanning of the results only requires a few seconds. This means clients will save their time with our proofreader.

Our Amazing Writing Service

We are a professional writing company that offers many services, including proofreading. We help college students cope with their strenuous academic papers. Our aim as a service is to provide good quality for the students always.

We also offer services, such as editing help, writing assistance for papers, formatting, and assistance with PowerPoint presentations.

On-time Delivery

We always complete and submit client papers within the deadlines they provided. Our proofreaders have been trained to complete your papers fast and still meet the requirements of the paper. These individuals were tested against time as candidates to confirm their abilities to work fast.


Is my privacy guaranteed when you proof read my paper? Yes. We protect all our clients. First, all their personal information is kept safe from all our parties and external parties. Not even our writers have the identities of the clients. All personal data is protected. We also make sure that client orders cannot be traced to our service.

Free Revisions for Papers

All clients are entitled to completely free revisions on their papers. We always aim to improve the satisfaction levels of clients by allowing them to have their work revised multiple times for free.

Non-Plagiarized Work

Our service is very stern when dealing with the issue of plagiarism. It is because we understand how risky it is for students. Thus we always check our papers for plagiarism using the amazing checkers to confirm that the papers are original. We also do not resell papers to clients. Each work ordered is completed from scratch by the assigned writer.

Lucrative Bonuses and Discounts

Our service is essentials to students since we have a lot of them who are comfortable with our prices. We understand that the clients are mostly students, and hence we always try to make sure their papers are affordable to them.

We also have some lucrative discounts for clients. For example, there is a referral discount for all clients who refer our services to others. Also, there is a discount for all first-time orders. We also allow holiday discounts.

We also come up with a bonus system that is meant to reward loyal clients who repeatedly use our service. Once a client places a consecutive order, they receive a 5% bonus on what they paid for in the previous one.

The bonuses get credited to their account, which we create for them when they place their initial orders. From there, it will be used as part of the money when a client is paying for the order.

Fair Refunds

We are very accountable in providing our services. That’s why we have a refund policy that makes sure the client is protected. Refunds are granted in case a client’s instructions have not been followed or if their work has not adhered to the instructions they provided.

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