Why and How to Check for Plagiarism on Our Site

A plagiarism check is usually essential for any paper. Ensuring that your paper is unique improves its credibility and also saves you time. This is why we have a plagiarism tool that provides the assistance that you require in ensuring your work is original. Our software is quite easy to use. However, let’s first begin by highlighting the different types of people who need plagiarism checking.

Who Needs Plagiarism Checking?

There are different categories of people who need help with checks for plagiarism. The first and most common are the students. Any paper that you need to submit needs to be original. Many academic institutions have plagiarism laws that aim to ensure learners show their work instead of copy-pasting other peoples.

Some of these laws include – being awarded no scores for the plagiarized paper. Sometimes it might be as harsh as a student getting suspended or even expelled in severe infringement cases. Furthermore, a student involved in a case of plagiarism is likely to be embarrassed in the future since their work will be analyzed even more strictly.

A student who has to submit an essential paper, such as their personal statement or even a dissertation has to make sure their work is unique. The stakes here are very high. If your personal essay has plagiarized content detected in it, one might miss the chance to join an institution for that simple error. A dissertation will also be rejected in case any plagiarized content is detected, which can be quite devastating for a collegian.

Hence, a student will avoid all this by conducting a check for plagiarism on any academic paper they intend to submit.

Also, there is the case for the teacher who assigns the tasks. You probably don’t want your undergrads to hand in work that they have pulled from their friends or even copied from online. So you need a way to keep them in line and encourage them to do their own work. Thus, a free plagiarism checker for teachers like our own will help you identify any plagiarized work.

Sometimes it is a matter of professional reasons. Individuals such as writers, journalists, and creators of online content need unique content for their blogs, books, or sites. Any replicated material is lethal to such a person’s career choice since it will damage their reputation.

Avoiding plagiarism currently is not an easy task due to the millions of documents online. Hence, having a reliable plagiarism detector will help avoid any infringement issues and thus secure your career choice.

Finally, an individual will need to conduct plagiarism checking in order to avoid issues with copyrights. Some individuals often find themselves encountering problems with infringement that often result in one having to pay damages to the original creators of data. Extreme cases even involve prosecution. So, why go through any of these when you can run your work through an online plagiarism checker to ascertain its unique nature.

An Absolutely Free Plagiarism Checker for Students

We have provided an amazing solution for all students who want to ensure that any paper they submit is completely free of plagiarism. But first, what types of plagiarism are there?

  • Paraphrasing: Using different words to rewrite a text and not citing the original author.
  • Self-plagiarism: This is where you copy work that you did in the past in a current task.
  • False citations: When a student uses wrong sources as citations in their papers.
  • Patch writing: The use of another person’s words in your work without attributing it to them in your essay.
  • Direct plagiarism: Where one copies a different author’s work word for word without acknowledging their sources.
  • Accidental plagiarism: Failing to cite your sources by accident.

For a student to be confident in their success in any academic course, they are taking, being sure they are submitting quality papers is key. Moreover, since originality in any content is essential, having a plagiarism software that will confirm your work before you submit it will give you even more confidence in the papers.

So how does it work? When an individual presents their work for scanning, the software checks on the word choice, lexical frequencies, and any matching phrases in the text. The content of the paper is linked to our network. From here, the work becomes compared to others in our database and also the entire internet.

The algorithm used is very advanced and has been configured to provide more accuracy. For example, when you check paper for plagiarism with our software, it ignores the most used phrases statistically.

Making use of our plagiarism checker free service comes with some amazing benefits for students, teachers, and also any other individuals who want unique papers.

Why We Have the Best Plagiarism Checker for You

We aim to help students be confident that their work will pass the plagiarism test by their instructors. We have the best free plagiarism checker due to the following attributes.

First, the results are instant. Clients who utilize our plagiarism evaluation software are assured they will save a lot of time. Our software works fast, and it delivers your results in seconds. Thus a client who has a lot of work that needs to be analyzed for plagiarism will be able to finish the process quickly. This provides more time for individuals to make the correct changes, especially when a student has a close deadline within which they have to submit their papers.

Our plagiarism checking tool is available full-time. Students can use it at any given time. There is no downtime with this software. We understand how important this amenity is to any student, and that’s why we make it possible for learners and writers from all over the world to get the assistance they need.

You can also use our software an unlimited number of times for free. We do not have a limit for how many documents an individual can have checked for plagiarism. Whether it is just an essay for a student or hundreds of pages of work that need to be checked, our software is up to the task.

We are also a safe choice for people. When you evaluate the originality level of your text using our tool, you are assured that your work is safe from any unwanted parties. We understand that some of the work that people need scrutinize for plagiarism is sensitive or essential to them. As well, we have advanced security standards that secure your paper and ensure your confidentiality is upheld.

Next, we also don’t require you to sign up with our service to have their papers checked for plagiarism. The plagiarism checking process is simple and very straight forward.

How Can I Check My Paper for Plagiarism?

In just a few steps, you will confirm whether your paper is free of plagiarism and ready for your use, whether you are submitting it to an institution, posting it, or for the sake of confirming the originality of the work.

  • First, you need to place the file that you need to analyze for plagiarism at the box provided. There is also the option to copy the work and then paste it in the guided area.
  • From there, click on the ‘check plagiarism’ button so that the text will be examined.
  • Wait for our software to process your request and check your paper. When it is done, you will receive the plagiarism report of your work. This includes how unique your work is in percentage.
  • Any plagiarism content detected is highlighted. There will also be a list containing the source with which your paper content matches.

After traces of plagiarism have been detected, what happens next? One of the main features that makes our site stand out from all other free plagiarism checkers is the fact that we have a solution for your plagiarized work. We are an adept writing service that assists students with their papers. One of the main services we offer is rewrites.

We have experienced writers across different fields who are ready to help you in rewriting the sections with plagiarism. We also fix formatting for papers and also improve the structure of work that students have. We can also include all the necessary citations required in your paper, all from credible sources.

Need Your Paper to Be Checked for Originality? Use Our Tool

Use our free plagiarism checker online to evaluate your work and be certain that your paper is original. What’s even more surprising is that you do it for free. Rely on our site today for the best quality results at no charge.

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