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Writing any dissertation starts with a plan. Not just a draft or some random plot that only you need to adhere to. Rather, a research proposal fully outlines the entire crux of the project you are about to undertake, i.e.:

  • What literature/ theoretical framework you’ll utilize in your study.
  • A problem statement which directly leads to a thesis statement or research question. Depending on the scope of your study, you can further break down the main research question into multiple objectives.
  • The methodology that you’ll use to solve questions or attain objectives, g., data collection techniques.
  • The sources and references that you will utilize in your writing.

Though a research proposal only lightly delves into the detail for each of these aspects, it is just as thorough as the actual dissertation and should be well thought-out. Which poses the first major problem that students face when they start working on these proposals. Schools often assume that students already know what project they will embark upon by the time they get to the proposal phase. However, most students are only just beginning to get a solid grasp of the course content in its entirety, and are still struggling with a topic to settle on for their project. With expert dissertation proposal writing help, you can quickly get up to speed with everything from choosing the best topic to work on, to filtering your research question into a tentative thesis.

Dissertation Proposal Writing Service from College to Post-Doctoral Level

If you’re still looking for a feasible topic to settle upon for your dissertation, we’ve got you. If you have an idea about what your research should be about but don’t know how to start a dissertation proposal, we’ve got you too! A dissertation is the most important document you’ll ever need to write in university. It needs a good amount of time, commitment, and energy to successfully pull off any portion of the dissertation. It’s not enough to fulfill the primary aims of presenting sections such as the literature review and methodology. For your proposal to be approved, the entire document has to be immaculate and show consistency from start to finish. The task is grueling, and it is no surprise that a good number of students never get move beyond this phase of creating these capstone projects. A doctoral dissertation proposal is even more tasking because unlike an undergraduate dissertation, the former requires the student to exert more independence and do more ground-breaking research into areas probably uncovered by other scholars. It isn’t uncommon for students to find themselves extending their studies by another year or two simply because their proposal or final documents haven’t been approved.

What we offer is a professional service that works with you every step of the way and fills the gap in those areas where you might be weaker. Some students have problems with their research. Others don’t know the first thing about the correct dissertation proposal outline. For others, writer’s block kicks in at the last minute, and they can never get past a few words every day. You’ll also need to focus on other activities beyond just working on your proposal; some students may have part-time jobs while others may be partly engrossed with family. Students all around the world recognize us as a reliable partner in the journey to get a dissertation or research proposal.

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Statistically speaking, nearly half of graduate and postdoctoral students who start these programs never graduate. The main reason is that they never get to complete their dissertations. This may be because they don’t have a solid plan coming into working on their projects. A proposal is like an essay plan; crafting a good one and committing to it saves you nearly half the time and extra work that you’d need to do without one. Therefore, get this phase right, and you will be on your way to that degree.

If you don’t want to be another number in the ‘dissertation dropouts’ statistic, get professional help as early as you can. We are the chosen experts, and unlike you, we don’t procrastinate, nor do we ever run out of passion or energy to work on these documents. You can concentrate fully on your research as we tackle the writing and editing for you. Our team possesses both academic and professional credentials, and we have writers who are proficient in all the major college disciplines offered in the world’s best institutions.

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